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PLO Poker: A Beginner’s Guide to Pot-Limit Omaha | PokerNews An introduction to pot-limit Omaha or PLO, an action-filled variation on Texas hold'em that has become many players' favorite poker variant. Computer poker player - Wikipedia In 2011, three types of poker were played: Heads-Up Limit Texas Hold'em, Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold'em, and 3-player Limit Texas Hold'em. pot limit omaha Archives - Upswing Poker

Sep 02, 2008 · Re: Can 4/8 limit holdem be beat long-term? IMO, you definately can beat 4/8 limit in the live arena, but you have to keep your head straight. I tried an experiment at Bellagio a few months ago and played 300 hours in one month to see how much I could beat the game for.

Top 10 poker strategy tips for limit cash games This is the second article in an article series where Cory sums up the top 10 most important limit poker cash game strategy tips. Enjoy! If you haven’t read the first article yet, go to Enjoy! If you haven’t read the first article yet, go to top 10 limit poker cash game strategy tips .

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Intermediate level Texas Hold'em strategy articles - Take your game to the next level through our free strategy library. MTT Poker Strategy: Articles on Playing Multi-Table Tournaments MTT's are what started the poker boom. Where else can $38 turn into millions? Find out how to make final tables and lock up big scores.

Calling and 3-Betting Ranges in 6-Max Poker 6-max calling ranges and 6-max 3-betting ranges vary more than opening ranges. The larger discrepancy is because calling and 3-betting ranges are heavily influenced by the position and tendencies of the original raiser.

Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus shall be played on a standard blackjack table having eight places on one side for the players and the player-dealer, and a place for the house dealer on the opposite side. Each Three Card Poker 6 Card Bonus table shall have a drop box attached to it. Adjusting to 2-4-6 - Small Stakes Poker Forum - Small Stakes ... Several casinos in the area have 2-4-6 LHE, which from what I understand is a $1 sb, a $2 bb, bets pre and on the flop are increments of $2, on the turn $4 and on the river $6. First things first, I understand that making the river $6 increments does very little to help beat the rake, and I can live with that - I'm not a serious player.